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Hi, my name is Kevin and I am a web designer and front end developer in Seattle, Washington.

I love to create clean, responsive designs and help people & organizations build their own unique space on the web.

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About Me


I began working in the web in 2007. At the time I was looking to move out of the hospitalities industry and was trying to find work in as a technical writer. A friend in the industry suggested that it would be benifical to me to learn html. Upon teaching myself the basics of html and css I found that I really enjoyed creating websites and began building sites for myself for fun and doing some small freelance projects.

At this point I still hadn't landed a permanent job as a technical writer and decided that I liked web design and development quite a bit, so shifted gears to start a career in the web. In early 2008 I enrolled in a web development & design certificate program at Seattle Centrall CC in order to gain the additional skills and credibility to find a job in the industry.

Upon completing the program at SCSS I began working fo USchedule, where I am still working to this day. My work there mainly consists of designing and developing small to medium sized websites for individuals and small businesses.


On a daily basis, the tools and technology I work with most are:

  • HTML - Cross browser & legacy compliant HTML/HTML 5
  • CSS - CSS 2 and CSS 3, as well as SASS and Compass
  • Javascript - Including JQuery
  • Photoshop
  • CMS - DotNetNuke, Wordpress
  • Ecommerce - CataLOOK, CS-Cart
    • I also have knowlege and experience in PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Flash (AS3), Java and SQL, and do some graphic and logo design.

      Please contact me if you would like to talk about working together or to request a resumé.


These logos are links to some recent sites I've worked on, please contact me if you would like more details or additional work samples.


Please use the form to send me a message. You can also connect with me via Facebook or LinkedIn. Thanks.

- Kevin

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